England’s Best Seaside Towns

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Date Posted: 2013-11-22

Vacationing in smaller towns is a great way to escape the crowds visiting capital cities, and England is no exception. There are many seaside towns worth visiting, which makes choosing one an extremely difficult task. However, the following towns have something people of all ages can enjoy:


Sky Swinger Paultons Park

Photo Credit: Sky Swinger Paultons Park by fribbleblib, on Flickr  


Bournemouth is well-known as a hotspot for sport lovers, with its own surf school and gold centres. However, there is more to Bournemouth than beaches and hiking trails. There are wonderful luxury hotels in Bournemouth if you’re looking for a romantic break. The town’s parks and gardens are perfect for afternoon walks, and they also host various local events which you can attend. The Lower Gardens often serve as a concert venue during the summer. In addition to this, floral bedding and tropical garden displays make each area of the town into an appealing tourist destination. Art lovers can also visit the Russell-Coates Art Gallery and Museum to admire the collections of gems and paintings, while families with young children can stop by the Paultons Family Theme Park.


Royal Pavilion Brighton

Photo Credit: Royal Pavilion Brighton by [Duncan], on Flickr  


England’s most well-known town has a variety of activities for all types of tourists. Sport enthusiasts can rent a bicycle and explore Brighton, though they can just as easily go out into the water with a kayak or boat. If you’re interested in history, then no trip to Brighton is ever complete without visiting the Royal Pavilion and admiring its architecture and art collection. There are also other historic houses open to visitors, such as Preston Manor, an Edwardian house which you can visit in the summer, and Parham House, an Elizabethan residence which is included among the top English homes. Parham House has a large collection of art and furniture which visitors can see, but also a spectacular garden, orchard, and greenhouse.


West Wittering, a Blue Flag beach

Photo Credit: West Wittering, a Blue Flag beach by Silwertand, on Flickr  


Once a neglected seaside town in Kent, Margate has recently been restored to its former glory. Tea shops, boutiques, and restaurants welcome tourists each year, and beaches like the Blue Flag beach are perfect for swimming and surfing. The Viking Coastal Trail is always open for people who also want to learn more about the town’s past, by taking them through historical sites and nature reserves. Margate’s Old Town is also remarkably well-preserved, due to its recent funding.


Mazey Day Dancers

Photo Credit: Mazey Day Dancers by libertygrace0, on Flickr  


Located in the west of Cornwall, this town might be more isolated than the other destinations on the list, but it is an ideal escape from crowded cities and noisy tourists. Visitors can admire historical sites, such as iron-age villages and old Georgian buildings. Water lovers can go swimming and tan on beaches such as Newquay, which is known as one of the best beaches in the UK. While you can travel to this town whenever you want (and can), June is seen as the best time of the year due to various local festivals you can attend, such as Golowan and Mazey Day, which feature bonfires and street acts.


HDR Portland Bill lighthouse

Photo Credit: HDR Portland Bill lighthouse by peter pearson, on Flickr  


This seaside town in Dorset is primarily known for its sailing (thanks to the Olympics), but the town has more to offer than that. The local beaches are extremely clean and family friendly, while attractions such as the Portland Bill Lighthouse and Portland Castle should be interesting enough for tourists who like sightseeing. Theatre performances are also fairly common here, with Weymouth Pavilion serving as the main venue for cultural events. Hiking is also a popular activity in the area, especially since Weymouth is conveniently situated on Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Spending your holiday in a small seaside town can be just as beneficial as travelling to a well-known capital. You will get to visit some interesting attractions, but you can also take advantage of the outdoor activities each town has to offer. If you’re a water sports enthusiast, a history buff, or you simply want some peace and quiet, a trip to the seaside might be just the thing.


Feature Image: Wiki Commons