5 Ways to Make a Long Flight Seem Shorter

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2017-05-22

Flying overseas is always exciting - except for the case when you have to spend half a day sitting in your chair inside a tin can flying at an incredible speed, at an incredible distance from the ground. Staring out the window at the amazing show of the clouds beneath is fun but it won't keep you entertained for a dozen hours or so. And sitting on your bottom for a long time is not only boring but can have negative effects on your health, too. Below, you'll find five tips on how to make your long-distance flight bearable - or perhaps even enjoyable.

1. Fly first-class

Deep vein thrombosis is not something you can take lightly - and it's certainly a possibility when you spend half a day or more sitting in a chair with insufficient leg room. To avoid being crammed into a tiny space - perhaps even being seated next to a passenger that will make your flight a living hell - try to upgrade to first-class. You can do so by spending extra on your ticket or using up your frequent flyer points - trust us, it's worth it. The simple fact that you have edible meals, reclinable seats, and enough space to feel human at the end of the flight is worth it.

2. Prepare with enough in-flight entertainment

Make sure to have your MP3 player filled with the music you like and your carry-on baggage - or your smartphone - with the kind of entertainment you like. If you are into smartphone games or New Zealand casino titles, choose wisely - not all flights come with onboard WiFi, so make sure you fill your phone with games that work offline. Sorry, no Vainglory for you in-flight.

3. Pack your "survival gear"

Even if you fly first-class, you can't expect an airplane seat to be as comfy as your own bed or sofa. Considering that you'll spend hours upon hours sitting in a chair, you'll need all the comfort you can get. Make sure to pack your most comfortable neck pillow, your tried-and-tested eye mask, your noise-canceling headphones, and even your slippers. The burden of carrying these items around is minuscule compared to the comfort they can offer in-flight.

4. Peace of mind

While airplanes are the textbook case of a confined space, your wallet and other valuables are not entirely safe - some of the travelers might feel like you falling asleep is their chance to round up their budget. Make sure to conceal your wallet and other valuables in spaces where not even the TSA can discover them - preferably in a money belt under your clothes.

5. Stay healthy

You don't want your long-term flight to take a toll on your health. To avoid being crippled by a long-distance flight, one of the most important things you have to do is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough - and the right stuff, preferably something that contains electrolytes - and walking, flexing, and generally moving around are the keys to avoiding deep vein thrombosis on a long flight.