Can OnBoard WiFi Change The Way We Fly?

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2016-01-30

What does modern technology mean to you? It's something we rely on every day, but we often don't stop to think exactly what it means for us. One place we've probably felt cut off traditionally (at least over the last few years) is in flight, given all the attention about not using mobile phones and turning off electronic devices through take off and landing. It's ironic, given that we are in a huge vessel flying through the air and arguably the best modern invention ever, but we tend to feel like we've stepped back in time! However, as we all know, New Zealand is just a little bit out of the way of other top destinations; so flights can quickly get boring! Enter in-flight WiFi. Just what could a connection in the air mean to you? Well, there are endless possibilities... read on to find out more.



Gaming Takes On A New Meaning...

You know what makes you feel on a high? Winning. You know what LITERALLY takes you higher? Winning at 38,000 feet! When you can access the web at such altitudes, you know you're onto something. The sky's the limit - or not - so you can give anything from a pokies casino to online bingo a go! Pokies are especially fun because they've got that arcade vibe, so if you're off on a trip, it's a nice idea to start the fun early.




Are the latest tickets for the biggest night in Auckland coming out the morning you fly off someplace else? Typical. Instead of having to rely on friends, you can shop from the sky instead. You can get anything up there, the same way you would at your screen at home. Clothes, tickets, anything, really. Oh - except take out. Unfortunately they haven't quite figured out delivery to that region yet!



You Can Keep In Touch!

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or anything else, you can literally keep your conversations going whilst on board. So, whilst you sit back and watch the in-flight entertainment system, you can also keep up to date on what's going on with your friends and the wider world. Just be careful not to say anything silly, you don't want your friends to take anything literally!



Flight Anxiety Flies Out The Window

When you feel connected to family, friends and all of your usual online options, you don't feel anywhere near as nervous as you normally might being up in the air. In fact, it's proven that a fear of flying may well be unrealistic, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't feel very real to people actually in flight. Perhaps it's because it's so weird! It doesn't feel normal to be literally flying through the skies. However, if you normalise the experience by feeling connected just as you do on the ground, there may well be hope to make it feel just as everyday as some of the ACTUALLY dangerous activities out there.