How to Keep Up With Your Favourite Teams Whilst You’re Abroad

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2015-10-18


When you’re off on holiday you will probably want to kick back and relax, forget all about stresses and strains back home, and take your mind off everything that the hustle and bustle of regular daily life puts in your path. Whilst that’s all very well and good, there are also a few things which you probably won’t want to forget, and one of those may very well be the fortunes, or possible failures, of your favourite football team back home.


William Hill match bettingNow, I’m not suggesting you stay glued to a  bar TV screen, which you will probably not have much trouble finding, because there are plenty of ways you can stay abreast of developments without relocating your holiday to the nearest sports bar. Most of those ways do involve the Internet – what would we do without it these days? Remember to turn off your data roaming when you are abroad, to avoid charges, and instead connect to Wi-Fi as you move around your destination. If you’re placing a bet or two on your team, as many of us like to do through sites such as William Hill for example, then being up to date with what is going is even more important.


Here’s a few ideas for keeping up to date with developments on your sporting fortunes.


Social media is your friend


Facebook and Twitter are just two ways you can keep up to date with what is going on with your team quite easily. Like your team’s page or follow a player and you can be assured of regular updates on your phone or tablet, without much fuss at all.


Alert your phone, there’s an app for that!


The saying that there is an app for pretty much everything is correct in this sense, as you can easily sign up to your team’s official app and get real time updates on matches, transfer window comings and goings, gossip and drama, right at the touch of a screen or button.


Real time match updates on sites such as BBC


On big match days you can tune into radio on the Internet, or simply watch updates flash before your eyes on sites such as the BBC and Sky Sports. You will need your phone or tablet for this one, and preferably a pair of earphones if you’re listening to the radio, so you don’t upset a rival fan on the next sunbed!


Ask a fellow football fanatic to keep you updated


The great thing about the Internet is that we can pretty much talk to anyone, at any time, provided we have a connection. Ask a friend or relative back home who is equally as into your team as you are to keep you up to date, perhaps through Facebook messenger, Viber, Tango, or WhatsApp, so you can converse instantly and be reassured that you’re bang up to date with what is going on.


There’s nothing wrong with being concerned about the fortunes of your team whilst you’re away, simply make sure it doesn’t interfere with discovering the destination you’re supposed to be seeing whilst you’re there!