New Zealand: A Land to Learn About

Category: Oceania
Date Posted: 2015-03-15

You might be a fan of heading off on your own steam and exploring the land you’re visiting, but unless you have constant Google access, how do you really get to know the history and importance of what you’re seeing? This is why I believe a guided tour is the way to see a country.


photo credit: PC225543 via photopin (license)


Now, you don’t have to think about setting your entire visit to such an activity, because there is certainly a place for wandering off and exploring new places without a guidebook in your hand, but in order to get a true overview, a tour should be part of your itinerary, set in stone or not!


The Road Trip’s Privately Guided New Zealand tours will help you find out about the history and significance of what you’re seeing, and the case of exploring this diverse land, the more you know, the more you will appreciate its totally jaw-dropping beauty.


For instance, if you want to truly see everything you can in a short holiday, then the 18 day guided tour will seriously blow your mind! You could go for something shorter, such as a 5 day private tour, but whichever option you go for, you don’t have to think about how you get from A to B, you get to learn more, see more, and you can hand on heart say you have experienced and explored the area, not just visited it and wandered around aimlessly!


photo credit: Maori Gate Carving via photopin (license)


You can choose an educational tour, which would help you learn about nature and culture, such as the Maori traditions, or you could go for an adventure tour, which would take you around the most important parts of the country for adrenaline rushes, such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, cave tours etc. They don’t call New Zealand the adventure capital for nothing!


Self-drive tours are another good option, because this give you freedom to head off into the horizon yourself, with a set route to follow and will still show you the best activities and attractions on offer.



photo credit: Happy Birthday Wincy I via photopin (license)


However you choose you explore New Zealand, you should always do a little research first, in order to identify your interests and the places that scream out to you, as well helping you to understand more about the natural habitat and culture you will encounter when you arrive. New Zealand is a friendly, outdoorsy, and quite frankly stunning country, and in order to get the most out of your visit, you should pull out all the stops.