Take to the open water, there’s fun to be had!

Category: Travel Inspiration
Date Posted: 2015-02-21

Ah, the open water – what better sight in the world than the seemingly endless ocean stretching out for miles before you? Of course, there is a glittering underwater world underneath the surface too, which begs to be visited, but you might be wondering what exactly you can do for fun when you’re visiting the deep sea, after you’ve got over the initial ‘oh that’s nice’ thought.


In answer to that – plenty! 



Splashing around is great fun, there’s no denying that’, but when you’re visiting the vastness of open water, you can enjoy a totally different kind of adrenaline rush, or even complete and utter serenity – the choice is yours. 


Visit jaws?

Shark cage diving is probably one of the most adrenaline-inspiring things you can do, but if you pick your company and tour wisely, you’re in totally safe hands, and you’ll experience something totally jaw-dropping. What kind of shark you see depends on your location in the world, but the chance to see a legendary great white shark shouldn’t be missed! 


Visit the underwater residents 

Scuba diving and snorkeling are ways to totally blow your own mind. The world underneath the surface of the water is colourful, diverse, shimmering, and totally awe-inspiring, and no matter where you are in the world you’ll certainly see some odd characters swimming their way past you, as you explore their territory. An organised dive is probably the best way to go, in order to head to the right places to see the best sights, and of course, to be totally safe. 


Charter a yacht

Be your own captain and sail off into the blue, or get someone else to the do the sailing whilst you relax! Sailing around the coastline of a destination is a fantastic way to get a totally different viewpoint on the land side of things, as well as a stunning view of the open water. Remember your sunscreen for this one, as the sun is always stronger out at sea, so grab that hat too!


Get competitive

See who can catch the biggest and weirdest fish on a fishing expedition into the blue! If you’re experienced at this kind of thing, you won’t need instruction, although it’s always worthwhile going on an organised trip, for the same reason as the snorkeling really, so you know the best places to head, and you can get expert opinions. Get competitive with your fellow fishermen or women, and the winner grabs a prize! 


Make like a fish yourself

Swimming is the single easiest holiday activity there is, but not only is it great for you, but you can throw in an extra twist too. Fancy swimming with dolphins? Obviously you should do this in an organised setting, but see what you can find in your destination. Beware of how deep you go, stick to your limits, and don’t go too far, but enjoy the peace and serenity of being totally at one with the water, totally forgetting your cares. 


The open water might look pretty, but there’s much more to it than that. Enjoy your wet and wild adventures on your next vacation, and get a totally different appreciation for the vast ocean. 



photo credit: DSC_0551b via photopin (license)