Cancun – The Home of 2015 Spring Break

Category: Central America
Date Posted: 2015-03-18

Spring Break is a huge event for students in America and just like every year before it, 2015 looks set to be a blast. Each year, American students excitedly book their flights and accommodation from websites such as and head to Mexico’s Cancun beach resort area to party, party and party some more. Being aged 18-21 in the US is a strange time where students are old enough to vote but not old enough to get into a club and purchase alcohol, which is why so many flock abroad for Spring Break so they can party hard, but legally, during the famous celebratory period.


photo credit: Krystal International Vacation Club (KIVC) Cancun via photopin (license)


For most 18 to 21-year-olds studying at university, partying is part and parcel of the student experience, so what happens when the law prohibits you to buy alcohol until you turn 21? Cancun is what happens!



Cancun is a hotspot for partying students and its location is ideal as it is just a short plane flight from the US and prices are affordable, even on a student budget. For example, it takes just one hour and 40 minutes to take a flight from Florida to Cancun and you can choose between booking your holiday through a tour operator who will book every aspect for you or organise the trip by yourself.



Again, when you book your accommodation you will have to decide whether you choose to book it through a tour operator or book it on your own. The benefit of using a tour operator is that they will charge you one price that will cover everything on your trip such as:

- Flights

- Accommodation

- Food

- Alcohol

- Airport transfers

This can eliminate a lot of hassle for students with little time and organisation skills but it doesn’t suit everyone. If you would rather do activities on your own schedule, you might prefer to organise your accommodation yourself and it is usually possible to find good deals on hotels by searching the internet for discount packages.


photo credit: CHICHEN ITZA via photopin (license)


Day Activities

Cancun isn’t only fun at night, as there are plenty of activities to enjoy during the daylight hours as well. From deep sea fishing and quad biking through to horse riding and hiring boats and jet skis, this party paradise is a great place to spend a hot sunny holiday when you want to enjoy some time outside of the bars and clubs. If you choose to use a tour operator, they will book these activities for you in advance but for students wanting a little more choice, it’s best to book everything separately allowing you to decide when you get there what it is that you fancy doing.


Night Time Fun

However, let’s be honest – most people come to Cancun to party, especially during Spring Break. If there’s one thing that American students in Cancun during Spring Break know how to do its party and party they certainly do! When you book your trip through a tour operator, they will purchase club passes for you and put your names onto the list at big clubs such as Coco Bongo to eliminate the hassle of queuing. In fact, if you decide to go to Cancun to party this Spring Break, many will use a tour operator as you will get all your drinks included in the initial price along with a guide who will take to you all the best hotspots including Caribbean Carnival.  

Whatever reason you go to Cancun this Spring Break, make sure you pack your suntan lotion, take your friends and go a little crazy as it is a place designed for fun in the sun.