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24 Hours in Shanghai
Hop aboard the Shanghai Maglev and prepare to be blasted at 270 mph into a city of soup dumplings a la xiaolong bao, sharp-elbowed pedestrians (if you don’t know you’ll soon find out), and bewildering variety: the unforgettable Shanghai. Yes, you just stepped off the plane, ...
A Guide to Shopping in Bangkok
  It is hard to imagine going on a trip and coming back empty-handed, which is why everyone tries to save some time for shopping, whether for themselves or their loved ones. Such is the case when planning a trip to Thailand. When travelling to a large city such as Bangkok, it...
Introducing Khao Lak
Think of a beach getaway in Thailand and chances are somewhere like Phuket or the Phi Phi Islands springs to mind. While amazing, these places are tourist hotspots, which means they're not necessarily the best choice if a bit of peace and quiet is what you're after. Khao Lak, however, ...
8 Best Experiences in Thailand
Thailand is the epitome of every traveler’s Southeast Asian trip. Here’s a brief list of where you can go to have the best experiences in Thailand for your trip.   
Fun Things to Do in Singapore
The Lion City, or Singapore as you probably know it, is full of cultural, diverse, and downright fun things to see. It would take an age to list them all, but put it this way, a visit will not be boring!  Singapore is jam-packed with attractions, both hist...
Hopping Around Thailand
Why island hopping is the perfect way to see coastal beauty  
5 Fun Things to Do in Bandung Indonesia
  Bandung is the capital of Indonesia’s West Java province and is known for its...