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Volunteering in Cambodia
I didn’t love Cambodia when I first arrived. I’d just left a bunch of travelers I’d spent the past two months with, which meant we were basically best friends. I knew the next time I saw them, if ever, things woul...
Ecotourism 101
If you’re like me, ecotourism is a word you’ve heard thrown around—and one you’re fairly confident is the brainchild of Greenpeace—but have never actually looked into. I finally did, and was surprised to find that ecotourism is both an incredibly fascinating conce...
Renaissance: The Comeback of the Cruise Holiday
photo credit: Christian Lambert Photography via photopin
Take to the open water, there’s fun to be had!
Ah, the open water – what better sight in the world than the seemingly endless ocean stretching out for miles before you? Of course, there is a glittering underwater world underneath the surface too, which begs to be visited, but you might be wondering what exactly you can do ...