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How To Subsidise Your Accommodation Costs By House Sitting
The term ‘budget travel’ features heavily in travel publications, online magazines and blogs. You can find a wealth of individuals claiming to personify the concept by travelling light, booking in advance, or booking last minute, scouring the internet for coupons and cho...
Ultra-Light Packing Guide for Any Trip
You know what's annoying? Garbage. You know what's even more annoying? Lots of garbage. That you have to carry around all day. My first time backpacking taught me the rather immediate lesson that less is more. My scrawny shoulders and inadequate athletic capability wer...
Spontaneous Travel: Make Your Next Holiday More Exciting
You’ve worked hard, and you’re ready to be rewarded. That’s right, it’s vacation time—and after months of rigid schedules and boring routine, all mapped out plans must be tossed out the window. Here are six ways to make your next holiday as spontaneous and excitin...
Planning and Saving for Extended Travel
You fantasize about pursuing your dream of traveling the world instead of slaving away for someone else’s dream at a grueling nine to five, but then you remember why you’re huddled in that emotionally comatose state at this cramped and constricting cubicle ...
Managing Your Money on the Road
One of the trickiest aspects of going on holiday is managing your budget, especially when there are so many places you want to visit. This is something which happens to me all time. Whether you are travelling...
The World’s Biggest Bores – And Where to Surf Them!
In the surfing world there are waves, and then there are bores. These are what every avid surfer dreams of riding, as a tidal bore is a special wave that is created by the incoming tide while it travels up a bay or narrow river against the currents direction. This phenomenon then releases itse...
Top Ten Tips for Preparing a RTW Trip
Preparing a trip around the world isn’t an easy task. It requires a lot of...
How to Become a Digital Nomad
If you are tired of having the same routine day after day, going to the same off...
What To Do If You Miss Your Flight
It’s a given that something unpredictable is bound to happen at times. Missing your flight is definitely one of them, whether you are travelling to a
Thinking About a RTW Trip? Start Here!
  Travelling around the world can be exciting, but it can also be pretty expensive. However, by carefully planning each step ahead, you can save up on travel cos...