Four Ways to Keep Your Holiday Alive After You Return Home

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2015-10-07


If you’ve ever experienced the post-holiday blues then you will understand why it’s quite desirable to avoid them as much as possible! The come down after a fantastic holiday can be brutal, and in some severe cases it can actually lead to low mood for many people.


Life is certainly too short to be miserable after you’ve experienced a fantastic high on your recent holiday, but luckily there are many ways to keep that holiday feeling alive long after you’ve returned back to humdrum.


If you’re experiencing a post-holiday come down, here’s four ways you can keep that spark alive, and smile about all the experiences and memories you brought home with you.


Book another holiday!


This is a no brainer for me; as soon as I’m back from one holiday, I’m generally looking to book the next one, in fact I’m usually thinking about it before I’ve ever returned back from the previous one! The problem with this is obviously that money doesn’t grow on trees, so budget here and there, book far in advance, and split book/travel indirect, in order to save money. To keep your mind off the waiting, and to try and give your new holiday fund a boost, why not indulge in a little online betting, such as William Hill online roulette, to see if you could summon up the cash for that holiday deposit a little sooner?


Keep your memories alive through photographs


You no doubt took countless photographs whilst you were away, so look through them with the people you were away with, laugh at the memories, and organise them so you can keep looking through them in the future. Scrapbooking is a great way to relieve memories and keep them immortalised forever, but if that’s not something you’re interested in, it could simply be as easy as uploading them onto Facebook to share your experiences, or storing them on a memory stick, so you won’t ever lose them.


Communicate with new friends you met there


If you met new friends whilst you were away, perhaps swapping WhatsApp numbers, or Facebook accounts, then chat away and laugh about your experiences. This is a proven mood booster and will certainly keep your holiday mood alive and well. This is also a great way to form long-lasting friendship bonds too.


Great creative, blog about it!


If you have a blog, then write about your holiday, and if you don’t have a blog, why not start one? You could inspire other people to head to the same place as you, as well as keeping your memories and experiences at the forefront of your mind too.


Staying in the holiday moment can’t last forever, but it can last you long enough to get over the post-holiday blues, before starting your countdown to the next break you’re heading away on soon.


We all love holidays, that’s for sure, so don’t let the come down ruin your memories.


Photo Credit: Thomas Tolkien