Why island hopping is the perfect way to see coastal beauty

Category: Asia
Date Posted: 2015-09-03

Why island hopping is the perfect way to see coastal beauty



We know that Thailand is full of natural beauty, you don’t need to know much about the country to realise this, however in order to see a wider overview of Thailand’s island beauty, a hopping adventure is just the ticket.


Island hopping holidays are becoming increasingly popular, and a great way to see more in a short space of time. There is a reliable ferry network in place around the coastal regions, making getting around relatively easy, and you simply need to know where you want to go, with a little research needing to be done first. You could fly by the seat of your pants and travel where you please as you go, or you could plan it all out beforehand – the choice is yours.


You do need to know a little about when to go too, as Thailand’s islands are affected by the monsoon season. If you’re heading to the south east islands then it’s best to go between January and September, and if you’re heading south west then you need to be looking towards November and April.


You could start your south west adventure in Phi Phi, with stunning beaches, stopping off in Phuket first maybe. From Phi Phi you could jump on the speedboat over to Ko Raya, a beautiful small coral island which is a true castaway vibe. Ko Hai can be reached from Ko Lanta too, which is another deserted Robinson Crusoe island.


If you’re thinking more south eastern then you will probably start in Ko Samui, the world famous resort full of idyllic beaches and touristic fun. An hour away by ferry is Ko Phangan, which is well known for those outrageous full moon parties, but is also home to stunning beaches, the likes that will blind you with their beauty. Two hours north of Ko Samui by ferry you will also find Ko Tao, also known as Turtle Island. This is another laid-back island, and you can head into true natural beauty by visiting Nangyuan National Park.


As you can see, hopping your way around Thailand’s beautiful islands is easy and is certainly something you should do. This is a well-travelled route, so you’re sure to find likeminded travellers, and the ease of getting around means you can see so much in such a short space of time. Who knows, you might find you like it so much you want to stay!


Photo Credit: Ruins_of_Chiang_Saen-15