How to Keep in Touch Whilst on the Move

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2014-02-12


It’s Good to Talk - How to Keep in Touch Whilst on the Move


One of the main concerns about travelling is how to stay in touch with loved ones, family and friends whilst on the move and far from home. Thankfully, technological advances now makes it easy to be more in touch than ever before, in fact you might even find that you speak more often whilst you’re away than you ever did at home! 

Calling home when overseas can be a costly business if you plan on using your mobile phone and I’d never recommend anyone uses their mobile phone to call home, or even text, unless it’s strictly necessary. The cost is high for this, and when there are cheaper ways to do it, it makes no sense to spend money you don’t need to.

Anyone with an iPhone, smart phone in general, iPad, tablet, laptop or access to phone cards will find it simple to call home for little cost, or any cost at all. There's no longer any need to use that expensive phone in your hotel room! So long as you have a device and access to wifi you're pretty much good to go.


Phone cards – Like we’ve just said, buying a phone card from a shop whilst away and dialling through a public telephone is the pricier option, however if you don’t have internet access, this is a good go-to. Just remember to put in the country code of the place you’re dialling, and knock off the 0 on the area code. 


Rebtel – Rebtel is an international calling service. It's a low cost way to call home and a great way of making free calls other Rebtel users. The good thing here is that not only are rates lower than some other similar apps, but your first call is free, which means you can try before you buy. The quality is also better than some other calling apps. 


WhatsApp – The good thing about this messaging app is that not only are texts free to others with the app installed, but you can send picture messages for free, which sometimes costs on other apps, or can’t be done. A good way to brag about where you are in the world!


FaceTime – For anyone with an iPad or iPhone, you can FaceTime other Apple users in the same way as Skype for free. 


As you can see, the options for staying in touch these days are plentiful, and very low cost. Remember to turn off your data roaming and make use of free Wi-Fi when you’re on the move, and you won’t come home to any unexpected bills. 



Feature photo credit: olivier.jeannin via photopin cc