Lapland at Christmas

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Date Posted: 2013-12-12

It is children that really make Christmas a magical time and nothing compares to seeing their eyes light up with all of the traditions related to the holiday. But kids don't stay young for long, so it is a shame to miss out on a trip to Lapland while this time of year still fills them with so much excitement.

Book a trip to this northern land, which everyone knows is home to a certain bearded fellow with a penchant for wearing red, with Cosmos and celebrate this wonderful time of year. It is not just about the kids as adults will not fail to fall in love with the destination when they see it carpeted in a pure layer of snow.



Santa Claus Village

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Visit Santa Claus

The primary reason for travelling to Lapland in the run-up to the festive season is, of course, to visit Father Christmas. He can be found in the province's capital, Rovianieni, where there is a Santa Claus Village, which helps to build up the anticipation of meeting the man himself.

Before heading to his grotto, first make a stop off at the post office that is responsible for sorting out all of the letters that children have sent to Mr Claus. This is a heart-warming place and really emphasises the importance of Christmas to children all over the world.

As you head into Santa's grotto you walk down a corridor decorated with presents and bells, setting the scene. Then round the corner positioned next to a map of the world sits Father Christmas in all his glory.

Sitting on his knee and discussing whether you have been good or bad and making gift requests is obligatory and lots of fun whether you are young or old. If coming with children, make sure they posted their letters in advance, so they can ask whether he received it, then you can reflect on the memories on Christmas morning as they open their presents.



Santa and his reindeer 2012-12-23-02

Photo Credit: Santa and his reindeer 2012-12-23-02 by CKSR, on Flickr  


Meet the reindeer

Almost as famous a Santa Claus himself is his trusty fleet of reindeer and it would be rude not to pay them a visit too. Stand with your children and see if you can name them all while stroking their soft fur. They will also have lots of fun trying to identify which is the one with the red nose who leads the pack through the night sky each year.

There are more reindeer than people in this part of the world, north of the Arctic Circle, making a chance encounter with relatives of Santa's herd a distinct possibility. Some 200,000 of the creatures inhabit Lapland.




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Take a ride

While the experiences that have been mentioned above are integral to any trip to the famous area at Christmas, it is also nice to get out and explore some of the countryside. The whole place is covered in snow, so the best modes of transport are those designed for the winter months.

This means either a snow mobile or a husky-pulled sled. The chances are your children will plump for the latter option and it would be hard to deny them such an opportunity to travel in this way. Having said that, snow mobiles are pretty fun too.

The sleds can be a good option for families with youngsters, as you can fit more than one person onboard. If it is just you and your partner, a snow mobile might suit you better.


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