Nicaragua Travel Guide

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2015-04-09


Nicaragua is a country located in Central America, which borders Honduras and Costa Rica. Although it’s not the most popular tourist destination, there are definitely some unique aspects of the country that make it stand out from the rest. It goes without saying that you should remember to have travel insurance in place for your trip.

Throughout the next few sections we’re going to discuss some of the popular destinations, accommodation, food & drink, and transport.

Popular Destinations

Almost every tourist who travels to Nicaragua will venture into the capital, Managua, even if they’re only just passing through. It can be a great place for a day-trip or something similar, but the capital is generally very busy and tourists always have to be watchful for pickpocketers.

Because of this, the majority of the tourist will venture to Granada, San Juan del Sur, Masaya, Matagalpa, Isla de Ometepe, or León. You’ll find that each city will have its own distinct sense of style, and this really makes Nicaragua a country that’s suitable for just about anyone.

When you travel to Nicaragua, make sure to travel down to Pearl Lagoon—the largest coastal lagoon in RAAS. During the dry season, you’ll be able to watch one of the local baseball teams; the games will often bring together the whole community. 


You’ll find many different types of accommodation around Nicaragua, and there is usually always something that will suit your budget. At the lowest end of the scale is a hospedaje, a small hotel-like building similar to the B&B establishments you’ll find in the UK. These are the most budget-friendly but also don’t have many luxuries; you’ll be lucky to get much more than a bed and a fan, and you might have to share a bathroom.

In backpacker hotspots you’ll be able to find a fair amount of hostels, these are similar quality to a hospedaje and are usually around the same price.

A hotel is the most popular option amongst tourists, they have all the luxuries but are still budget-friendly. In addition to benefiting from air conditioning, cable TV, and car rentals, you can also take advantage of tours and get great advice from the front-desk.

Food & Drink

Food and drink is fairly inexpensive around the country and a standard meal can be bought for just £2-3, sometimes even cheaper if you go to a street-side kiosk. If you’re looking for Western food then you’re probably going to be disappointed, most of the time you’ll find it over-priced and barely edible.

On the other hand, the local Nicaraguan cuisine is delicious and inexpensive; it is based around beans, rice, and meat (usually chicken) so you’ll find this in abundance around the country. Tropical fruit and ice-cream is also very popular.

You can find a wide range of unique drinks around Nicaragua, which are known locally as frescos. These cold drinks are made from tropical fruits, grains, seeds, and milk or water. Always make sure that purified water is used as the tap water might leave you feeling quite ill the next morning.


Intercity buses are very popular and are by far the cheapest way of getting around, you can generally expect to pay around £1.50 for most trips. If you want to get around even faster, you can opt for one of the expreso buses; these buses will get you to your destination faster, but will be around 30-40% more expensive.

Another popular method of transport is via taxi, which will usually cost around £2-4 for most trips. These are more expensive of course, but can get you to your destination faster and are generally much safer—buses can get extremely busy and this can instigate pickpocketing.

Closing Notes

Nicaragua really does have a lot to offer and shouldn’t be overlooked just because it isn’t the most popular tourist destination. Tourism in Nicaragua is increasing year-on-year and is starting to become quite popular amongst students and backpackers who are looking for a budget-friendly holiday; it’s actually possible to live on around £15-20 per day.

The low cost of living is one aspect that makes this country an attractive tourist destination, but as you can see there are also some great places to visit and some fun things to do.