Skiing in Romania

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Date Posted: 2013-08-30


One of the benefits of travelling to Poiana Braşov is the fact that this can be done all-year round. Both the summer and winter seasons offer a variety of activities aimed at tourists. For a long time, many Romanians have had a preconceived notion about ski resorts. The most common one was related to the expensive price of skiing holidays. However, recently, due to a high number of investments and restoration projects, it is now easier than ever to go skiing in Romania, whether you’re a local or a tourist coming from a distant country.



Photo Credit: Untitled by cod_gabriel, on Flickr


The most well-known ski resort is Poiana Braşov, located just over half an hour away from the city of Braşov. Getting to Braşov is not a difficult task, as you can travel by both land and air. The numerous ski slopes from Poiana Braşov cater to all categories of tourists, from amateurs to professional skiers, and due to recent repairs, more and more tourists can enjoy the benefits this resort has to offer.


Poiana Brasov ski resort

Photo Credit: Poina Brasov ski resort by Bogdan Morar, on Flickr


Beginners can try their luck on the Drumul Roşu (Red Road) ski slope. With a length of about 4.7 km, this ski slope offers ample space for tourists to learn the basics of skiing. If you already have some experience with this sport, then the Sulinar ski slope is a suitable choice. Professional or well-experienced skiers can tackle two other separate ski slopes (Lupului and Subteleferic), which have recently been expanded. Numerous chairlifts and similar equipments complete the overall look of the resort.


As far as accommodation goes, it is recommendable that you book your room well in advance. Some tourists, Romanians and foreigners, prefer spending both their Christmas holidays and the New Year festivities skiing, so it might be difficult to find something suitable at the last minute. On the other hand, there are times when hotel prices might be too high for some tourists, which is why many book rooms in Braşov. However, the distance does not make it impossible for them to get to the resort of their choice, as there are many bus fares travelling to Poiana Braşov and back on a daily basis. If you are travelling on a budget, or if you want to save some extra money for shopping sprees in the city, this is a viable option.


Nonetheless, if you are travelling during winter, it is advisable to think twice before going on a hiking expedition. The Romanian weather is known for being terribly unpredictable, so you might want to think twice about missing out on your skiing holiday.