The Best and Worst of Europe

Category: Europe
Date Posted: 2014-01-17

On your travels around the globe you will have discovered some of the most amazing people, scenes and cultures you have ever seen.  You will also probably have encountered some eye openers and some things you perhaps wished you hadn’t have found.  


You can expect these big differences to be seen around the world but you can also find them within Europe. So in order to help you find/avoid what you want Zoover have put together a graphic displaying the best and worst of Europe. 


So if you are a little antsy about getting behind the wheel in a foreign country Zoover would suggest you avoid Italy, according to an opinion poll 23.7 people voted Italy to have the worst drivers, instead try Finland who had the fewest votes. But if it is romance that you are after then according to opinion polls Switzerland is the place for you!


If you aren’t looking for any extremes one of the countries that seems to sit cleanly in the middle is Spain, so why not try somewhere like Barcelona or Playa de las Americas? The possibilities are endless, happy travels!




Feature photo credit: Luis Hernandez - via photopin cc