The Finest Golf Courses in Australia

Category: Oceania
Date Posted: 2016-11-23

When you think of Australia, golf may not be the first thing to come to mind. Sand, maybe, and kangaroos or koalas, but not carefully tended lawns and holes. While this might not be obvious to the outsiders, there are many Australians spending time walking the endless lawns of some of the most beautiful golf courses of the world, chasing small, while balls across the landscape. Some of them likely kill the time spent chasing the balls by playing some pokies at the Royal Vegas - Aussies are known for their taste for quality pokies. And this is what the Royal Vegas gives them: a collection of over 100 pokies that they can play at the Royal Vegas Mobile without while walking to the next hole, while they explore the finest golf courses in Australia - like the ones below.

Cape Wickham Links

Cape Wicham Links is not the oldest golf course in Australia - it only opened its gates last October - it has already managed to make a sensation. It is a critically acclaimed par 72 course, located on the Northern tip of King Island. 6,150 metres (6,726 yards) long, the course has 18 holes, and has been designed with vast fairways to accommodate the Roaring Forties - strong westerly winds caused by the Earth's rotation. Although it is a recent addition to the Australian golf circuit, Cape Wicham Links has already gained the third place in Ausgolf's top 100 list.

Kingston Heath Golf Club

The second spot on Ausgolf's top 100 list is occupied by a course with a much longer history - it's Kingston Heath Golf Club, founded in the Elsternwick Golf Club back in 1909. The course, the only par 82 in Australia at the time, was the longest in the country. Its owners considered that it was easier to shorten a course than to lengthen it. Today, the Kingston Heath is par 72, at 6,357 meters (approximately 100 meters longer for championships). The Kingston Heath course has hosted the Australian Open championship seven times.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

An exclusive venue, open to members and invited guests only, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club's two courses - the East and the West - are ranked the sixth and the first respectively on the list of the best golf courses in Australia. Located in Black Rock, a suburb of Melbourne, the club has a long history - it was founded in 1891, or 125 years ago this year. The Royal Melbourne Golf Club has hosted several high-profile international golf competitions: it has hosted the Australian Open 16 times, the PGA Tour, the Presidents Cup (for the first time outside the US), and it was the first to host a Women's Australian Open - today part of the LPGA Tour.