Thinking About a RTW Trip? Start Here!

Category: Travel Tips
Date Posted: 2013-12-06


Travelling around the world can be exciting, but it can also be pretty expensive. However, by carefully planning each step ahead, you can save up on travel costs and increase your spending budget. Here are a few tips:


Don’t book your flights ahead of time

Most travellers think that you should book your flight months ahead of the departure date but for an extended RTW trip this can actually end up costing you money. RTW tickets which lock you into one airline alliance and planning out 20 dates in advance might seem like a good idea at the time but it usually works out cheaper to by point to point tickets as and when you need them. On a trip of 6 months or more you can guarantee that you’ll change your mind at some point on the journey. You might like one place and want to stay longer or feel totally underwhelmed by somewhere you’d planned to spend a month. Flight changes on these RTW tickets can be pricey. Flexibility is key. Budget airlines can get you around the world too if you’re making lots of stops and these won’t be in any airline networks. Take advantage of sales and go where the wind takes you.


Start a savings account

Preparations for your trip begin a long time before setting foot in the airport, and even buying your plane ticket. Save up money from your paycheck each month and put it in a savings account from which you won’t spend anything before your trip. The amount you save each month depends on how much you earn and how long you’ll be travelling, but it is advisable to cut down on unnecessary expenses. Check out this blog post from Scottish Friendly about curbing your spending for some tips to get you started. That way, you’ll be able to have a larger budget when on holiday. Also, don’t forget to set aside some money in case of emergencies during your trip. Always be prepared for the unexpected.


Pick the right time to travel

In many countries, prices often double or triple during peak season. Accommodation is more expensive, as well as dining out or taking part in activities. Since you will be travelling to different countries, think of avoiding peak season when you get to the more expensive destinations such as Europe. Also, take into consideration special events such as the Olympics, European or World Football Cups, and even other major sporting events. Unless you’re aiming at attending one of these events, skipping the countries hosting them will certainly help you reduce costs.


Figure out the best type of accommodation

If you are planning on a lengthy trip around the world, sometimes it is best to avoid big hotels. In the long run, their fees might be too overwhelming and you’ll end up spending all your money on your room than on yourself. Consider renting an apartment while you’re travelling, staying in hostels or even housesitting. Additionally, if you’re spending more months abroad, you can also rent out your home to supplement your income.


Pick the right countries for your budget

If you really can’t stretch your budget, then you should definitely avoid travelling to expensive countries. Western European and North American countries can be very expensive (especially during peak season), so you will be better off travelling to cheaper countries in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and Central & South America. Think about where your money is going to last you the longest.


Believe it or not, planning a trip around the world is not as expensive as you think. Whether you are travelling for a few months, or even a whole year, you should be able to enjoy yourself no matter what your budget.


Feature image credit kohlmann.sascha via photopin cc