Top 4 Budget Friendly Cities in Europe

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Date Posted: 2013-07-21

Europe can be really hard on your budget, especially if you make your way through notoriously expensive cities like London and Paris. As a budget traveler, I always enjoy countries where I can enjoy being without constantly worrying about how much everything’s costing. After living in the Czech Republic for six months and earning a small allowance as payment, I became an expert in traveling cheaply and finding great budget friendly cities in Europe.

Choosing budget friendly cities to travel will mean that you can stretch your money further and will relieve a lot of the stress that comes with traveling on a budget. Here are my top 4 budget friendly cities in Europe:



1. Prague:
Although many cite that this city is not as cheap as it once was, it is still very affordable; a beer only costs a euro and you can find delicious meals for only a couple euro more.  Accommodation is very cheap and widespread. There’s a lot to do in this quirky city, from sex toy museums right through to viewing some of the beautiful castles this country is known for. While Prague is wonderful to visit in the summer, it is smothered in loads of tourists. If you want to visit when it’s at its best you’ll have to brave the cold and visit during the Christmas season. You’ll find the Old Town covered in beautiful lights, adorned in Christmas trees and smelling of mulled wine.


2. Berlin:
Germany is a relatively expensive country, but Berlin provides an interesting contrast to this, as it is super cheap. Everything is relatively affordable here: food, beer, transport, accommodation and admission to galleries. Couple this with a very dark and rich history and Berlin easily comes out on top as one of the most interesting and best value cities in all of Europe. If you’re an art lover you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice as Berlin is home to hundreds of excellent museums and galleries.


3. Budapest:
Budapest is similar to Prague, but also completely different. The city is split in half by the Dengue river: Buda on one side and Pest to the other. Each half is quite different to the other so it’s worth taking some time out to explore them both. While most things are cheap in Budapest, you will notice that wine and beer are almost cheaper than water. Prague and Berlin might be the places to go for a good beer, but Budapest definitely leads in the wine department, with a number of flashy wine bars popping up that are all beyond affordable. Splurge out on a boat trip down the middle of the river at night to soak in this beautiful, budget-friendly city.


4. Lisbon:
Lisbon is one of those cities that is cheap but feels like it shouldn’t be. It has all the right components for an expensive city: a gorgeous beach on the city’s doorstep, a great shopping and nightlife scene, beautiful old buildings and gorgeous restaurants. It’s one of those cities that you can easily spend days walking around, discovering new nooks and crannies that are exciting and unexpected. Portugal boasts relatively good weather all year round, allowing you to make the most of the lovely city beach. Lisbon is kind on your wallet while being absolutely charming: a dangerous combination as you might never want to leave.

These are my top four budget friendly cities in Europe that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed visiting. They’re all packed with many historic sites to visit, as well as their own little charms. What’s your favourite budget-friendly city in Europe?

Izy Berry is from The Wrong Way Home, a long term travel blog dedicated to the ups and downs of everything to do with travel. Originally from New Zealand, she’s spent the last 2.5 years exploring this wonderful world. She loves volunteering overseas, indulging in local food and taking photos of her adventures. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with her travels.