Top 5 Romanian Black Sea Resorts

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Date Posted: 2013-08-05

The Romanian seaside offers a wide variety of resorts for many tourists, whether they are planning a trip by themselves or together with their loved ones. Out of the fifteen main resorts available, I have chosen five which are worth checking out due to their diverse appeal. 



Mamaia beach



Mamaia is, by far, the most famous seaside resort in Romania, and also the biggest. For years, tourists of all ages have picked this particular place as a holiday destination. As a child, I remember my parents always picking Mamaia above all other places, due to its clean waters and family friendly atmosphere. The beaches are well-kept and safe for tourists travelling with their families, but there are also many bars, clubs, and concerts for younger people to enjoy. 

One of the highlights of any trip to Mamaia is the Aqua Magic Water Park, so make sure to save up time in your schedule for a visit. Fans of various water sports can also count on this resort to satisfy their thirst for adrenaline. While there are many things to do in Mamaia, tourists on a very tight budget might encounter a few problems, as food, drink, and hotel prices go up considerably during peak season. Book your hotel room in advance!


Eforie Nord


Eforie Nord 2013 057

Photo Credit: Eforie Nord 2013 057 by Anturaju Daniel, on Flickr


Eforie Nord is the go-to place for physical therapy. Situated at about 12 km, from the city of Constanţa, this resort can be easily reached via car, train, or public transportation. While considerably smaller than Mamaia, there are also many restaurants, bars, and seaside events fit to entertain tourists. The first private pleasure port in Romania, Ana Yacht Club, is also located here. Diving and yachting enthusiasts will definitely enjoy their stay in Eforie Nord.

Another important thing to add is that the southern part of the beach is more tourist-friendly than the north, as the latter area is known for its rocky terrain.  Nonetheless, there are still many people who prefer sunbathing in the northern part of the resort to escape crowds. In addition to this, Eforie Nord is also one of the cheaper locations, so if a trip to Mamaia is too costly, this resort is a perfect alternative. 




Banana riders

Photo Credit: Banana riders by cod_gabriel, on Flickr


Once upon a time, Năvodari was famous for its numerous international summer camps. While some of them are still active today (in the so-called “Delfin” and “Albatros” areas), Năvodari has slowly turned into a luxury resort, perfect for tourists who wish to avoid the crowds in Mamaia and other seaside resorts. 

While terribly expensive for the average tourist, this resort is worth its price. Children have numerous play areas (and even their own beach), whereas adults are able to enjoy the peace and quiet they crave for. 





A view from Mangalia (AP4M3403-1PSP)

Photo Credit: A view from Mangalia (AP4M3403-1PSP) by Alex Pănoiu, on Flickr


I had the opportunity to visit this seaside town a few years ago during off-season (September). At the time there were not many tourists, and mostly locals were enjoying the clean beach. Since then, however, the resort has been taken care of very well by the local authorities. A nautical club is currently in constriction and the local touristic port has just been completed. While the prices are significantly lower than in the rest of the seaside resorts, there are still numerous problems with parking spaces during peak season. If you’re travelling on a budget and you’re in need of a parking space, it is best to plan your holiday to Mangalia during off-season. The beginning of September and June, or even the last weeks of May are ideal for tourists who still want to enjoy the nice weather Romania has to offer.



Vama Veche


Vama Veche (38).jpg

Photo Credit: Vama Veche (38).jpg by TijsB, on Flickr  


The southernmost Romanian resort is a well-known destination for young people. Known for its hippie atmosphere, Vama Veche is a popular location for many concerts, some of which take place right on the beach at no cost. Most of the people visiting Vama Veche are on a really tight budget, and often times prefer going camping. So do not be surprised when you see countless tents assembled close to the sea. 

Speaking from my own experience, Vama Veche is the resort that never sleeps. So if you are hoping for peace and quiet, it is best to pick another location for your holiday, and only visit this place to check out the concerts. 


Feature image credit: Mamaia beach by Austin Donisan, on Flickr


Author: Antonia Girmacea