Where to Ski in Europe This Winter

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Date Posted: 2013-12-09

If you’re thinking of planning a trip this winter, going on a skiing holiday is an easy feat. Since you’re guaranteed to have great weather and skiing conditions in the winter months, all you need to do is pick the right place to go to. Here are some of the countries where you can go skiing this weekend:

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France has some of the best and most popular skiing resorts in Europe, so it’s no wonder that novice and experienced skiers alike opt to vacation here. Small skiing resorts such as Val Thorens, the highest resort in Europe, actually opens earlier than its competition (mid to late November), so you can easily escape the crowds who travel there closer to Christmas. With several peaks over 3000m, you won’t have trouble finding a good place to ski in. Another great resort is Chamonix, where you can combine skiing with sightseeing, by attending local galleries and exhibitions. This resort is bigger than Val Thorens, with about eleven ski areas for off-piste and piste skiing. Finally, Tigenes has a lot of skiing areas for beginners (Grande Motte is one of the best), though they have recently begun expanding to include experts.



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Ischgl is bound to satisfy both skiing and music lovers, especially since concerts represent one of its main draws. However, don’t be deceived into thinking performances are the only thing this resort has to offer. With over 200 km worth of pistes, you will easily be able to avoid noisy crowds. However, if you’re looking for a quieter resort, then the smaller Hintertux resort might be more suited for you. Summer and winter skiing is very popular here, and each hotel offers special packages for tourists to enjoy, which include easy transfer, sledding and, of course, ski passes.


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Switzerland is an obvious choice for skiing holidays, but you would be surprised at how easily you can avoid crowds despite travelling to a popular winter destination. The main reason is that there are simply so many skiing resorts and pistes to choose from. St Moritz is the most popular choice, with accommodations ranging from luxurious hotel suites to lodges. Monopol is known for its spa facilities, while Schweizerhof is just minutes away from ski slopes. As for skiing, Corviglia and Corvatsch are the main areas, where both beginners and advanced skiers can mix. However, if St Moritz is over your budget, then Wengen can be more to your liking. It is a resort aimed at both families and single people who like skiing, but are not necessarily experts. Most of the hotels are 4 and 3 stars, with several facilities such as saunas and massages to help you relax after a long day at the slopes. Beausite Park and Caprice Hotel have great saunas, while Regina and Wengerner Hof have good food.


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Believe it or not, this small country has enough skiing resorts and pistes to make visitors happy. Soldeu is a resort town with several ski slopes as well as good live music in restaurants like Fat Albert’s. Sporting activities are extremely popular in Soldeu. Tourists can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and even dog sledding. Among the best skiing areas, Espiolets is known for its skiing school, while the Pas de la Casa area has slopes for both beginners and intermediate skiing enthusiasts.  Skiing areas for experts are few and off piste (which can be risky), but they are slowly expanding. Nonetheless, intermediate and novice skiers are bound to enjoy their stay in Soldeu, since they can easily practice and build confidence in their skiing ability.


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Most people associate Spain with sun and fiestas, but skiing is actually a pretty popular winter activity. The Formigal ski resort has great transport to all the entrances, which includes a free Ski-Bus service that helps visitors get from their hotel to all the slopes. There is also a beginner area for skiers to learn the basics. Medical services are located on the slopes, which include evacuation teams, first-aid units, ambulances, and a clinic specialized in treating sport injuries. As far as safety goes, Formigal is at the top.


Sierra Nevada is another popular and safe ski resort for tourists, which includes recreational areas for non-skiers and skiers alike (which prevents accidents). All pistes are marked according to skill level, while first-aid stations are easy to locate (as well as the clinic). In addition to this, Sierra Nevada has a modern ski lift which accommodates at least forty thousand skiers per hour, and a well-developed artificial snow system. Night skiing is also an option.


Whether you are travelling to a small resort in France, or you’re thinking of planning a luxurious escapade to Switzerland, you will not have problems finding something you like. With ski slopes that match everyone’s skill level, as well as clean and safe accommodations, your only problem will be thinking of when exactly you want to book that plane ticket.


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